Goldelocs Bears

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Fantasy Dolls & Teddies

Hand sculpted Polymer Clay fantasy dolls & Soft sculpture creations



Winged Grimbleberry


Fiorella is an enchanting little fantasy creation I call a Grimbleberry. She is aprox 5 Inches tall when standing made from Lou Bear mohair with ultrasuede foot pads and inner ears and a synthetic 'crocodile skin' fabric for the wings. Fiorella has embroidered and waxed nose, glass eyes, needle sculpted facial features, 5-way jointed, wired ears, arms, toes and intricately wired wings. Stuffed with Polyester and crushed garnet for a beautifully weighed finish.

Fiorella comes with her flower garland on her head and beaded bee necklace with a signed hangtag.

Price:  AUD$145 + P&H

Please visit my Orders page for ordering details, contact me for further details or visit her Bearpile page: Fiorella-Bearpile






Gwion is a woodland sprite hand sculpted from Polymer clay with wire armature and is aprox 10 inches tall. Gwion has glass eyes and synthetic plush hair and hand painted features. Gwions outfit includes a handmade leather vest with a celtic design dragon button, handmade satin pants and handmade pixie boot with bells. Gwion also has a handmade velvet leaf masquerade mask he hold in his right hand. 

Gwion comes complete with his wooden stump that has been painted with a clear varnish and has synthetic moss, mushrooms and even a little lady bug (Please note accessories on stump are not pictured please email me for further pics)





Elmond Rorin



Elmond Rorin is hand sculpted from polymer clay, he has wire armature so his arms and legs can be posed. He has glass eyes, and hand painted details, with Alpaca hair and legs. He is dressed in a calico shirt with a cape and felt hat with rusty bells and a woolen belt tipped with rusty bells.

Elmond has been adopted.